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Room Kiosk - Digital Meeting Room Display Side LED lights visually indicate the status of the mee ng room – green for available and red for in-use – making it easy to find a free mee ng room without logging into a separate interface. Rooms can be booked simply by touching the desired me slot. You can also check-in and extend a current reserva on for added flexibility. Reserva ons may be made anonymously, or authen ca on is available through an integrated RFID transponder. communicates back to the so ware when reserva ons are made, checked-in or extended directly from the display. Communica ng via an API, RoomKiosk uses real- me reserva on data and executes the workflow and business rules set for the individual mee ng room. Room Kiosk is an interac ve Windows-based digital sign for mee ng rooms and workspaces which display today's schedule for that space and allows instant reserva ons and check-ins through a touch-screen interface. The interface runs on AgilQuest's workplace scheduling solu ons. Room Kiosk exposes reserva ons through AgilQuest's web and mobile apps, and Room Kiosk Interactive Touchscreens with the power of the AgilQuest's workplace solutions Room Kiosk Digital Meeting Room Display Key Features • Mount flat to walls, doors and glass panels • Power over Ethernet • Intel © Processor and Microso Windows © IoT • Visually locate available mee ng rooms • Check-in, start early and extend mee ngs effortlessly For more information visit or contact us at AgilQuest's Room Kiosk is an Intel © Market Ready Solution.

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