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AgilQuest logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tango in the United States and may be registered in other countries. Ready to See More? SCHEDULE A DEMO Create and Manage Room Reservations Quickly create, check-in to, and extend your meeting effortlessy with the Room Kiosk touch screen interface. Visually Locate Available Conference Rooms LED lights on the side of the Room Kiosk indicate if the room is available (green), awaiting a reservation (yellow), or in use (red), making it easy to find a free meeting room by just looking around. One-Touch Sign-In with RFID Card Swipe your authentication card or enter your login info to secure the conference room or manage your upcoming reservations right from the screen. Available on iOS and Windows Devices The Room Kiosk integrates with both iOS and Windows devices so that you can use iPads, tablets, etc. to display the kiosk outside your conference rooms. Customize Your Room Kiosk Room Kiosks can be customized to show images of the room and present the building's floorplan so people can see where they are and where other assets are. Access Three Views on the Room Kiosk With the Calendar View, you can see when the room is booked and when it is available. With the List View, see whether the room is available, any upcoming reservations it has, and reserve it. With the Floorplan View, see where the room is located in the building and what is around it. Room Kiosk for Tango Reserve by AgilQuest Make Finding and Securing a Conference Room Easier Than Ever With Room Kiosk Room Kiosk is an interactive digital sign for meeting rooms and workspaces which display today's schedule for that space and allows instant reservations and check-ins through a touch-screen interface. Quickly locate and secure available space to reserve, check-in to, modify, or cancel upcoming reservations, and see upcoming reservations and room availability on the Room Kiosk. Room Kiosk exposes reservations through Tango Reserve by AgilQuest's web and mobile apps, and communicates back to the software when reservations are made, checked-in, or extended directly from the display. Communicating via an API, RoomKiosk uses real-time reservation data and executes the workflow and business rules set for the individual meeting room. Download the complete guide to Reserve to learn about its features, integrations, and more.

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