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WHAT WE DO BEST We often get asked, "A new workplace strategy seems so daunting, how do I get started?" We recommend proceeding like a good carpenter, measure before you build! But with all the ways to measure the utilization of office space, how do you choose the right one to give you the answers you need to help you build the best workplace strategy? With Workplace Utilization Studies using AgilQuest Analytics, you can get started with an inexpensive method that focuses on people presence first and then allows you to expand to more specific space utilization information, as desired. WHY AGILQUEST ANALYTICS PEOPLE FIRST AgilQuest's focus is on People First. We measure people presence and actual space utilization to ensure you have the right amount to keep your workforce engaged and productive. Because of our lower cost and method, you can measure utilization continuously, and in more locations, for as long as you need to assure data legitimacy. LEGITIMATE TRANSPARENT We're transparent to your employees. Few people like being counted or being watched with cameras. In fact, when they see this happening, they change their behavior (Hawthorne Effect) which automatically skews the data. INEXPENSIVE Our cost is less than half, and in some cases 80% less, than other mechanisms. Our fees are low, and we don't require you to install expensive hardware or software. We leverage the technology you already have. FAST We're incredibly fast to set up – start in a day or two! ANONYMOUS It's your choice to anonymize the data. If you want to scrub Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the report, you can! Note: People Presence Report – Names can be redacted.

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