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WHAT QUESTIONS CAN I ANSWER? AgilQuest Analytics produces a simple yet powerful set of reports and dashboards that gives you the data you need to plan your new workplace strategy and answer these questions and many more: • How much can I reduce/avoid occupancy costs? • Who are good candidates for flexible, shared working? • Who needs assigned workspaces to be productive? • What is a good target "Worker to Workplace Ratio"? • How many additional people can I support in my space? • What days of the week are the busiest in my offices? • How much space do I need for our upcoming lease renewal? • Which spaces, or space types, are use most often? Least often? • Can I program my space better for our upcoming move? HOW DOES IT WORK? AgilQuest developed space utilization measurement technology sixteen years ago. We've seen what works, what people need, and how to deliver the data in a cost-effective way. • Workplace Utilization Studies come in two flavors: Start with People Presence reports, then expand to Asset/Workspace Utilization if desired. • Leverage our true, multi-tenant SaaS platform – No software or hardware to install. • Connect to and leverage technologies that you've already deployed to detect "presence events" and actual use. • Utilize our "Presence Listener" to receive data from Physical Access Control systems (PLAI standard "out of the box"). • Start small and grow to an entire enterprise. • Choose the duration that provides you a legitimate data set. • Start with just measurement, then expand and add operational value with shared desk hoteling, free address, conference room, and permanent seat management. ACCURATE DATA WITH ALL THE ANSWERS

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