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6 Office Amenity Must-Haves for Property Managers in 2019

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6 Office Amenity Must-Haves for Property Managers in 2019 Building a Valuable Tenant Experience With about 15% of all office space in the US sitting vacant, landlords must find ways to attract and retain valuable tenants. Many tenants are willing to spend the money to gain amenities and operating efficiencies that will allow them to put their people first. Tenants want landlords to anticipate what they want – secure environments, additional amenities in the building, and comfortable, flexible workplaces. Read on to learn more about what influences tenants' leasing decisions. Custom Build-outs Tenants want flexibility, functionality, and responsiveness with options for shorter lease terms and adaptive work space. Landlords who work with tenants to determine their space and design needs will more often retain tenants in the long run. Offer centralized communal space like kitchens and technology centers, or unique workspaces that support flexibility such as booths and "heads down hubs," or VIP conference rooms and ro rooftop lounges. Top-of-the-line and user-friendly technology like digital meeting room signs and tenant experience apps should also be offered as part of the overall design plan. Convenience Potential tenants almost always look for properties that offer premium amenities such as state of the art meeting spaces, food, parking, and other ways to interact with the building. Make these services accessible by providing an app that allows them easy access to these enhanced tenant amenities. Security The The security tenants can see matters. They value the presence of lobby security and visitor sign-in to monitor who is coming and going from the building. These days, more tenants want 24/7 access, so the use of a single key card for both connected parking and building access is important to them.

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