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6 Modern Workers. Help Them Love Where They Work

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As workstyles evolve, so does the workplace Modern workstyles can be organized and scoped. These are the major concepts your workplace program project team should consider from the beginning to successfully support varied workstyles so employees thrive and business booms. As society becomes more aware and open to individuality and culture, organizations are starting to look at the DNA of their workforce and offering workplace choices that are comforting, inviting and energizing for everyone. To attract and retain top talent they are adopting best practices, like added flexibility and workspace choice, to appeal to individual workstyles and preferences. As is evident by some of the most successful organizations today, employee happiness drives engagement, engagement drives productivity, and productivity drives revenue. Happy people = more revenue. To remain productive and flexible, employees require office environments that support dynamic workstyles. It's important for employers to first recognize if their space can accommodate for these different workstyles within their organization. Integration of workspace management software – whether for an enterprise operation with multiple facilities or a smaller, single-building office – must be in place facilitate productive flexibility and to measure the actual utilization of the space to know what is working and what isn't. Organizations should also anticipate change management issues, encourage open communication and make sure technology is versatile enough to help everyone succeed. Enabling work to happen anytime and anywhere by giving employees a choice of where, when and how they work is a key component to success with today's workforce. Employees that are supported in the workplace are more likely to want to make valuable contributions in their work. To help you get started, we will identify 6 types of modern workers. We'll explore how they work, in what workspaces they thrive and offer tips employers can use to foster employee engagement and productivity . 21% Just 21% of employees believe their work is managed in a way that motivates them to do great work. 59% When polled, employees said they were 59% more engaged when supervised by highly engaged managers. 4 in 10 Employees agree they are set up to do what they do best everyday. "State of the American Workplace." February 2017 Accessed 4 March 2019. 6 Modern Workers 1

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