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6 Modern Workers. Help Them Love Where They Work

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Using Data to Support Workplace Culture So how do you know where to get started? How do you know what types of space your employees prefer? It all starts with Data. Collecting utilization data that is accurate and reliable, as well as gathered continuously, consistently and systematically, is vital to understanding the mobility levels and preferences that exist in your office. The right data can give you answers to: • What is my worker-to-workspace ratio? • What spaces do people like to use most? • Who is using what types of space? • When do our employees work remotely? • Do we have enough meeting rooms? • Can I consolidate our space? All work styles have different workspace needs and with strategic space planning, an organization could improve operational sustainability and cut real estate. Understanding your actual utilization and then implementing the right mix of space and a mobile work strategy could potentially save your organization millions of dollars in real estate. For example, business units with 300 desks, eliminating 20% unused desks could increase profit margin by $600,000 per year. Once you've started gathering the data, make sure it is aligned with the actual DNA of your organization. Compare your organization's makeup to the following 6 Types of Modern Workers. 6 Modern Workers 3

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