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6 Modern Workers. Help Them Love Where They Work

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The Players Personality and character impact how we work best. No two employees work in the same style. We've identified the 6 major modern workers below. House Hermit The House Hermit is someone who appreciates the convenience of working solo in their own personal space. It is in this setting that they do their best work. Since they rarely go to the office, they need access to reliable shared tools that allow them to easily and quickly connect with coworkers. Social Butterfly Office morale benefits when the Social Butterfly is in the office. They have a genuine like for engagement and work best with the positive energy from their coworkers around them. The Social Butterfly likes to work in lounge spaces to make themselves available to team work. Road Warrior The Road Warrior is an employee who is a go-getter. They are flexible, adaptable, and can engage with co- workers and clients at all levels. The Road Warrior works best in an environment that allows them to work in the office for shorter periods of time. The Road Warrior benefits from coworking, and public work spaces. Employers can support this worker by providing access to a platform that allows them to find space both inside and outside the organization, and lets the organization know where they are working. Platforms with the added benefit of a mobile app are ideal. On the rare occasion the House Hermit goes into the office, they will search for a quiet space to work. Platforms that support Hoteling and Desk Sharing ensure that the House Hermit can be successful in a flexible work program that allows them to do their best work in whatever quiet corner they find. When the Social Butterfly has access to Hoteling and Free Address space, they can do their best work. Platforms that show where their coworkers are sitting allow them to easily determine where they want to sit each day. Since they are on the go and collaborative, access to calendar integrations are ideal. 6 Modern Workers 4

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