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6 Modern Workers. Help Them Love Where They Work

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The Players Personality and character impact how we work best. No two employees work in the same style. We've identified the 6 major modern workers below. The Nomad The Nomad can be productive anywhere. They can work wherever they can pull up a chair and access Wi-Fi. They are adaptable and enjoy a frequent change of work scenery from which to pull inspiration. As long as the Nomad has access to Hoteling and Free Address space, they are able to be productive anywhere. The Nomad tends to be on the go more than the average worker, so access to find space with mobile apps and calendar integrations such as Exchange are ideal. The In the Zone Employees who identify in this cate- gory prefer a heads down, private space that allows focus. They may have a job function that requires them to frequently concentrate for longer periods of time. The Zoner is a personality who works best with fewer interactions. Because of this, offices that provide workplace options with quiet, secluded spaces are ideal. Platforms that provide access to Free Address are best for the Zoner so they can always find a quiet space. The Opportunist Opportunists enjoy brainstorming and collaboration in an environment sur- rounded by their team. Opportunists are highly social and gravitate towards open-space work settings where they can be accessible and facilitate team building. The Opportunist's productivity is influenced by their ability build relationships. Work spaces that allow them to switch up their scenery and work close to people with whom they are collaborating are ideal. The best platform for them should have features like Find My Coworkers, Hoteling, and Way-Finding Kiosks so they can find colleagues and book a space quickly. 6 Modern Workers 5

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