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6 Modern Workers. Help Them Love Where They Work

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Key Take Aways Efficient – Measure actual use of space, equipment, and services to determine what is valuable to the tenant and what they can monetize. Adaptable - Make flexibility possible across an entire portfolio with multiple interfaces, including mobile apps and digital signs. Leverage your employees' strengths and make it easy for them to do their best work, regardless of their workstyle. Utilizing modern technology to make the right spaces and amenities accessible and manageable will ensure your top talent is retained and productivity remains high. Technology continues to influence workplace culture and provide greater workplace flexibility and employee well-being. When searching for the right workplace management solution for your building, the ideal platform should be People-Centric, Efficient, and Adaptable. Once your building and flexible work program is optimized and your people can work freely in a relaxed environment that works best for them, you will begin to see the happier employees and positive results. People Centric – Allowing you to provide an enhanced experience that makes it easy for tenants to find and reserve building amenities and services, as well as manage their internal space. 6 Modern Workers 7

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