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8 Features to Consider for Workplace Scheduling Solutions

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4. Mobile optimized Organizations need to support an increasingly mobile, on-the-go workplace culture. With apps and optimized interfaces, workspace management technology needs to work as well on smartphones and tablets as on desktops and laptops. 5. Short deployment When today's workplaces transform, they need to shift quickly and efficiently, without the stress of a huge, ongoing project. That means finding a software solution with short deployment time — one that helps the organization launch quickly and jump- start success. 7. Automatic upgrades In a fast-evolving workplace, technology product improvements — based on the real- world experiences of organizations — are essential. Also important: The chosen cloud solution should offer automatic upgrades, with no extra costs to the end-user. 8. All-inclusive pricing A flat rate that saves money is one of the key advantages of a cloud-based, pre-packaged configuration that addresses workspace management challenges. Money that would normally be allocated for hardware and other implementation costs can be shifted toward efforts that boost innovation and the bottom line. AgilQuest's Forum makes it easy for workers to have the freedom to move around and the flexibility to collaborate; for companies to maximize workspace and minimize costs; and for IT teams to save time and bandwidth. 6. Little training required To make sure employees are set up for success, out-of-the-box workplace management technology should be easy to use and require little education. User Interfaces that are intuitive leave users feeling comfortable with new technology solutions, and lead to more successful implementations and user adoption. For more information, visit us at or call 888-745-7455. AgilQuest, Forum, and the AQ ball logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of AgilQuest Corporation in the United States and may be registered in other countries. All other trademarks used above are the trademarks of others.

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