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8 Features to Consider for Workplace Scheduling Solutions

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8 Features to Consider When Seeking Workplace Technology Solutions Today's workforce has more mobile technology and flexible work options than ever before. Workers move around more in the office and are less likely to be tied to one desk, while remote work is becoming more of an expectation. That means businesses need: A variety of purpose-designed spaces to keep employees productive, collaborative and innovative; Processes and procedures to manage workspace challenges; and, Resources to deal with equipment and employee management. Many see technology as the answer to solve these myriad workplace planning challenges. The right solution can help more employees share fewer desks seamlessly and efficiently. It also can help maximize meeting room and video conference resources. Where to begin? Many organizations turn to an IT professional who can find a fast, reliable solution that also minimizes IT effort. If you're seeking such a low-hassle solution, the experts at AgilQuest — makers of the Forum SaaS workplace booking and measurement platform — have prepared this list of eight must-have features designed to fit today's fast- moving workplaces: 8 Features to Consider When Seeking Workspace Solutions 01 2. Cloud installation Enterprise software typically means investing in new servers, new software, and contracts and licensing — all of which slow down installation. Cloud-based software, on the other hand, requires no hardware and can be ready to go with minimal fuss. 1. Pre-configured business rules Quick implementation will allow for hassle-free deployment and will maximize user adoption. Pre-configured, yet flexible, business rules, including the user interfaces most organizations deploy, can help organizations and employees get going quickly and easily. 3. Hands-free for IT At most organizations, IT's plate is already full. That's why an optimal workplace management solution must be good-to-go right out of the box, without requiring a heavy IT investment of time and effort. The right solution also must provide powerful functionality and extensive end-user personalization.

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