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4 For conference rooms, you can sched- ule meeting rooms when you need them with the amenities you need. Find a room with a whiteboard or enough seats for 10. Check-in to the meeting room with your phone app, desktop platform, or the room's digital signage. Add the appropri- ate team members to the meeting and send them the invite. Seamlessly con- nect the technology you need to run a successful meeting. If you are planning to be in the office for the day or week, you can find the right work- space for you. Need it to be closed-door? Not a problem, just search by that amen- ity. Want a collaborative space or to work near a teammate? Easy! Not going to be in the office when you thought you were? Just cancel your reservation and free up that space for other colleagues to use. Or snatch up a room quickly with a QR code and your mobile app. With one software, you can manage conference rooms, workspaces, resources, and more. Different Needs For... Conference Room Scheduling D e s k B o o k i n g Why go to another platform to find and book other services and equipment? With Reserve, you can find and reserve parking, lockers, health and wellness rooms and equipment, fleet cars, campus bikes, or anything else your workplace offers! Need room breakdown and setup? Catering for a big meeting? Book those services at the same time you book your meeting room! Additional Workplace Resources

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