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14 Enable Auto-Bumping A good reservation software will include an auto-bump feature so that your rooms are being used as shown or are readily avail- able for the next worker when they are no longer needed. When employees create a room reserva- tion, checking in is easy using the mobile app or desktop version of the software. If an employee ends up not needing the room and doesn't check-in, the auto-bump feature will remove that reservation and open up the space for whoever needs it next. That way your workspaces and con- ference rooms aren't sitting empty all day. Prepare for short/impromptu visits Another feature to look for in a booking software is the ability to secure workspaces quickly and last minute, especially for the more remote workers. With a QR code outside of each workspace, an employee can snap it with their mobile app and claim the room in seconds. Having these instant and easy options make em- ployees and companies excited about their office hoteling program. Is your company using cloud filing and storage? Making it easy to gain access to documents from anyone, anywhere is one of the office hoteling best practices that we stress. With access to documents in the cloud, you and your teammates can work on a project without need- ing to be in the same room. It makes it easy to collaborate from wherever you are. Utilize cloud filing and storage 6 7 8

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