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AgilQuest and Forum logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of AgilQuest Corporation in the United States and may be registered in other countries. For integration information contact or for Density product information, visit Occupancy Monitoring Solution AgilQuest teamed up with Density to deliver a seamless workplace experience and help you understand how your space is working in real-time. With an accurate, anonymous people count, Density sensors provide the room utilization data needed to make safer, more cost-effective deci- sions about your workplace. + STRATEGIC VALUE: Data-Driven Decisions Using Occupancy Data Know how much space you need Know the types of spaces you need When Density's Sensors are used with AgilQuest's Workplace Management Software, you can • measure and monitor occupancy and people density per sq. ft. across locations, • understand how often each space is used, • identify chronic ghost-meetings (unused reservations), • use the data & analytics gathered over time to make short- and long-term decisions about your workforce and workplace. OPERATIONAL VALUE: Streamline the Workplace Experience You know you've created a seamless experience, when your employees can walk into a meeting room and immediately get started without having to remember to check-in to their room booking. With Forum + Density, organizations can automati- cally capture accurate utilization of room bookings without a manual "Check-In" process. When a Density sensor detects a person/people in a room, Forum looks for a reservation and automatically checks in to the booking.

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