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01 Kick-off After you choose the best workplace reservation software for your company, you'll kick off the implementation process by meeting with your new external project and on-boarding team. Helpful documents will be shared and the timeline for getting this deployed to end users will be created. 02 Admin Training Everything your administrative team needs to understand the new technology will be provided to them, including live training webinars, step-by-step guides, recorded videos, etc. 03 Prep & Data Collection Next, you'll pull together your floorplans, photos, locations, and user informa- tion. Plus, come up with a list of policies, business rules, and integrations your platform should include. You'll discuss this with your internal and external project teams and configure what's best for your organization. 04 Data Load & Configuration With the office assets gathered and documented and the rules and integra- tions mapped out, it's time to load them into the platform. 05 Readiness Assessment Your project team will then test & validate that everything is working properly, while also working with your internal team on communication needed to get this out to end users. Find employees that can be your user champions who will be trained ahead of time and help advocate and train the rest of the end users once deployed. 06 Deployment Prep Up next, you'll start the communication process. Communication to end users should include resources to help them understand the platform, how to use it, the benefits, and the next steps. Get users oriented and understanding the platform and the benefits so they are eager and prepared to use it. IMPLEMENTING YOUR WMS 07 Go-Live! Your workplace reservation platform is now live to end users and ready to take on workspace, meeting room, and equipment reservations. Your external project team will then introduce you to your powerful new support team. 17

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