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Introduction Time was not on our side when the 2020 COVID pandemic hit. In a matter of days, millions of people started working from home. And somehow for many it was a successful, albeit messy, transition. Now we get to take the time to look over what went right, what could've worked better, and what our next steps should be to optimize our workforces and workplaces for a post-COVID world. While companies plan their return-to-work strategies, they must keep in mind safety, flexibility, and the future of work. The post-COVID workplace requires businesses to focus on two phases. The first phase is the safety of returning to the office. 97% of employees want changes to make the work environment safer, including touchless office environments, know- ing when a room was cleaned, or if a room is at over capacity. In our last eBook, we covered how to plan, execute, measure, and optimize your Return to Work. You can download that guide here. The second phase is creating a hybrid workplace that supports remote workers and delivers enhanced workplace experiences. Only 9% of the global workforce expect to return full-time to the office once they reopen. Flexible workplaces are no longer the future, but the now. In this eBook, we'll cover: • The pre-COVID workplace • What the Hybrid Workplace is, the four types of modern employees, and the benefits of this new hybrid style • How to create & support a hybrid workplace • Technology to help you safely return to the office and manage your new hybrid workplace Let's Dive In! If you have questions about this material or want to discuss supporting your own Hybrid Workplace, contact us!

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