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Tango Reserve by AgilQuest 1 of 2 Why do you need another system to book meeting rooms when you already using Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar? Because those calendar apps, alone, can't do what Tango Reserve by AgilQuest can! Calendar Apps + Tango Reserve by AgilQuest ACCESS TO FLOORPLANS, ROOM IMAGES AND AMENITIES LIST • Know where the room is located • Photos of the room to ensure it's best for specific meeting • Check the room has the amenities you need ACCESS TO BUSINESS RULES, POLICIES & WORKFLOW • Check-in & Autobump make sure booked-but-unused space is freed up • Adjusted lead times for setup • Permission settings so users only see allowed space ADVANCED REPORTING • Real-time reporting gives you answers to how the space is being used • Know what kind of space is being used most often and by whom • Answer space planning questions like, do you need more meeting rooms EASY INTUITIVE VALUABLE MANAGE MULTI-POINT EVENTS • Quickly see availability of all locations, attendees, and required amenities and equipment in one place ABILITY TO BOOK DYNAMIC ROOMS • Manage and book partitioned conference rooms SCALABILITY • Easy search for multiple locations and spaces • Categorization of Type, i.e. private office, huddle room, open space, etc. ADD EQUIPMENT & SERVICES • Order and manage equipment and services needed all in one platform EASY TO BOOK/ACCESS FROM ANYWHERE • Integrated mobile apps make booking and checking-in to reservations quick and easy You can have the best of both worlds - advanced functionality and business rules within Tango Reserve by AgilQuest platform, and basic room booking within your familiar calendar interface. Here are just some of the benefits you can access with Tango Reserve by AgilQuest that you won't get with just your calendar app: See how it works on page 2 >

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