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2 of 3 Fluid and Flexible for Business Continuity, Cont'd And while everyone was working from home, construction continued at the HQ3 Campus, which was completed in August 2020. But with the prospect, and need, for some associates to start heading back to the office, they found they were missing one very important piece of technology. With hybrid work now a critical part of the workplace, Ferguson associates would need a way to find and book desks when they were planning to be in the office. They also needed a solution for maintaining physical distance between workers at their desks, monitoring sanitization of any used workstations, and contact tracing. Ferguson turned to their trusted technology partner, VIcom to help them research and select the best workplace management software for their needs and requirements. Streamlining Hybrid Work and Collaboration After a strenuous review process, Tango Reserve by AgilQuest was selected by Ferguson to help create a manageable and easy-to-access Hybrid Workplace. While most associates still worked from home, many found it necessary to return to the office on an as-needed basis or for specific departmental needs. Some teams required access to in-office tools and technology, while others needed more access to cross-functional collaboration time. Reserve gave them an easy way to see where their teammates were and to find the workspace or collaboration space that fit their needs while in the office. Returning to the office didn't come without regulations and considerations for the health and safety of employees. Physically distancing, cleaning, and capacity restrictions had to be considered and managed. With Reserve in place, Ferguson could easily control which spaces were available, provide time for cleaning and sanitization between use, and have access to contact tracing reports when needed. Engaging User Adoption Through Education Implementing a new software is the easy part, getting your associates to use the tool is an entirely separate process that can't be overlooked. Ferguson made it a priority from the very beginning to ensure associates not only knew how to use Reserve, but also had a place to provide input into how it would be used. They set up a series of short Hoteling 101 and Conference Room 101 training sessions that encouraged feedback and input. Not only did these sessions give the users confidence in how to work in a new way and how to use the supporting technology, but it also provided an opportunity to ask questions and gain buy-in. One unexpected outcome was that users even brought different perspectives to ways in which Tango Reserve by AgilQuest could be used to create a more efficient workplace. Case Study Case Study: Ferguson Enterprise : Ferguson Enterprise

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