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Verdantix - Acquisition Of AgilQuest Propels Tango Into The Top Tier Of Workplace Solution Providers

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A C Q U I S I T I O N O F A G I L Q U E S T P R O P E L S T A N G O I N T O T H E T O P T I E R O F W O R K P L A C E S O L U T I O N P R O V I D E R S C O P Y R I G H T © V E R D A N T I X L T D 2 0 0 7 - 2 0 2 2 . L I C E N S E D C O N T E N T , R E P R O D U C T I O N P R O H I B I T E D 8 Firms Looking To Create Highly Adaptable Workplace Management Processes In The Hybrid Era Should Shortlist Tango Tango's enriched workplace and space management capabilities respond to firms' growing focus on improving employee experience, space utilization and hybrid working strategies. Tango Reserve by AgilQuest will provide value to: • Existing AgilQuest customers seeking to expand process digitization. The acquisition of AgilQuest by Tango offers existing AgilQuest customers an opportunity to seamlessly scale up the processes managed by software solutions. Tango's CPIP platform provides leading functionality across property, real estate, asset and facilities management (see Verdantix Green Quadrant: Integrated Workplace Management Systems 2022). AgilQuest's existing customer base can quickly deploy Tango's solution due to its cloud-based architecture, allowing firms to immediately start digitizing operational processes. • Government entities looking for a secure end-to-end solution. Tango Reserve by AgilQuest is FedRAMP authorized, allowing government and public sector firms to safely implement the solution and remain in compliance. The cloud-based architecture enables government organizations to quickly scale the solution across multiple buildings. For instance, the CBP rolled out AgilQuest in phases; the first phase consisted of two floors in one building, and the second phase quickly ramped up to seven floors in three buildings. • Firms looking to immediately gain an understanding of space utilization. According to the 2021 Verdantix corporate survey, reducing real estate costs is the top priority for firms over the next three years (see Verdantix Global Corporate Survey 2021: Smart Building Technology Budgets, Priorities & Preferences). Tango Reserve by AgilQuest can leverage existing building systems to provide managers with an understanding of space utilization without requiring them to invest in sensors. This makes Tango Reserve by AgilQuest ideal for firms looking to reduce spend on technology while maximizing space utilization. • Workplace managers seeking to support the current generation of hybrid workplace strategies. Tango Reserve by AgilQuest provides workplace managers with a broad set of pre-built space policies and a flexible rules engine that enables firms to implement custom space and reservation rules. Witness CohnReznick implementing AgilQuest in order to pivot and make changes to space policies as needed, modify business rules and adjust configurations at a building level to address specific needs. In a new era of hybrid workplace strategies, AgilQuest provides managers with the flexible toolset they need to quickly adapt to trends and space utilization insights.

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