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Glossary of Terms Permanently assigned space: A 1:1 worker-to-workspace ratio. "Ownership" model vs. "sharing" model. Some portion of the workforce will almost certainly use this model. No matter what other workplace strategy is planned, best practices demand the continuous, consistent and systematic measurement of permanent space over time. Desk sharing: Practice of assigning two or more people to each workspace. Often used for shift work. If used during the same time period (normal workday, for example), people must schedule use so there is never more than one of the assigned people for that desk in the office on the same day. Free address: Unassigned workspaces. Managing occupancy on a first-come, first-served basis. Workspaces are either "managed" or "unmanaged," which refers to the use of a technology platform to publish availability or track actual use. Meeting room management: Using a technology platform to manage and reserve meeting and conference rooms to prevent double-bookings and other misuses like overbooking, and reserved-but-unused space. Hoteling: Assigning workspaces via bookings or reservations just in time or in advance, subject to rules. Hoteling by definition employs a reservation/booking platform to publish availability, secure choices and measure actual use. Utilization analytics: One of three types of utilization: Allocated utilization - space allocated (usually a financial transaction) to an organization. Assigned utilization - subset of allocated utilization, and is that space dedicated on a 1:1 basis to a person. Actual utilization - the verified actual use of the allocated or assigned space. 04 A Step-By-Step Guide to Modern Workplace Solutions

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