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5 Keys to Successful Workplace Hoteling Plan

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3. Create a consistent experience When employees arrive at any of your facilities. their interaction with the hoteling system should be nearly identical. Don't frustrate them by forcing them to figure out hoteling system differences at each location. The process of checking in. finding their space. and getting the resources they need should be the same no matter where they travel. You also need consistency of support resources. Recognize that what works in Miami may not work in Manhattan. The physical layout of your spaces and resources will likely differ somewhat from location to location. Balance the need for a consistent. standards-based experience with the flexibility to accommodate local culture norms. 4. Configure the space ensure a successful hoteling program. you need to think differently about the area layout. mix of space types. employee visibility and other factors. For employees used to things being set up a certain way. you can test the hoteling concept in an existing space with very little renovation. rearranging or new furniture. You won't capture all the benefits of a larger-scale rollout. but you will recognize some benefits and begin to see how well hoteling will work for your organization. 5. Communicate changes quickly and clearly Shifting to hoteling requires new ways of thinking about both work and the office. Employees comfortable with dedicated workspaces need to understand hoteling's benefits. An ongoing communication effort - including success stories. best practices and innovative applications - will help various employee audiences (executives. users. IT. etc.) successfully use and embrace the system. Effective hoteling programs depend on a capable workplace management system that provides the features employees can rely on to easily and quickly find the workspace and other office resources they need. Forum supports organizations of all sizes by providing these features in an easy-to-use platform. For more information, visit us at or call 888-745-7455. @0 agil {ll{\ 0

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