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5 Keys to Successful Workplace Hoteling Plan

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Hoteling helps organizations support their mobile employees by giving them the power to choose a workspace. Hoteling also can slash real estate costs. These five keys can help you ensure a successful hoteling program. 5 Keys to a Successful Workplace Hoteling Plan 01 1. Get commitment from executive leadership Start by telling executive leadership the story of hoteling. In short, hoteling helps support employees with the freedom to choose appropriate workspaces and resources for what they need on any given day, whether they are working from inside the office, at a client site or from home. Hoteling also provides scheduling for conference and other rooms, automatic routing of calls to the desk phone and access to resources like video projectors. Hoteling brings numerous benefits. It can help your organization: Enable your mobile workforce by providing them choices for where they need to work on a given day. Maximize mobile employee productivity with the ability to reserve available workspaces and collaboration resources. Reduce frustration with a simple reservation system that lets employees quickly select a space and resources. Eliminate scheduling conflicts for spaces and resources by synchronizing scheduling. Reduce real estate and overhead costs by cutting the square footage of your office spaces. Optimize ROI on space and resources by sharing them across more employees. Keys to a Successful Workplace Hoteling Plan 5 2. Develop hoteling standards The workplace management system includes tools to create a customized yet consistent experience. To capitalize on those capabilities, you need to set some standards and incorporate them in your hoteling system configuration. That includes using the same terminology for the various aspects of the system and the resources it manages. You also need standards or rules for employees who use the available resources.

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