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Winter Weather Telework Tips for Office Workers

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Winter Weather Telework Tips and Checklist for Office Workers ©2015 AgilQuest Corporation. All rights reserved. 1 Bad weather during the winter often makes travel to the office difficult and can sometimes make the office itself unusable during power outages, flooding due to burst pipes, or similar problems caused by snow, ice and cold. Many workers can keep themselves productive and keep their part of the business or government active and serving customers with a telework, mobile work or flexible work program. Check to see if your company or agency has a telework policy or program. If so, find out more and consider signing up so you can receive training and practice before you get stuck at home without some key component or resource. If your organization does not have a formal telework program, you can still be better prepared to work from home with these simple tips: Part 1: Winter Weather Telework Tips 1. Equipment Check to see that you have all of the equipment (laptop, power cord, battery, etc.) and applications (installed software or SaaS web address and login info) you need to work from home or some remote site. Make sure you've got good phone connectivity, can start and join conference calls, and you know the real phone numbers to reach the people you normally talk to… without a speed dial or desk‐side phone directory that is back at the office. Check that you got all the web addresses and logins that you count on when you're at your work computer so you can still reach all the sites and do all the functions with all the normal permissions even when you're at home. Develop a habit of carrying your laptop to and from the office if you don't already have work‐ ready equipment at home. You don't want to be snowed in with no access to your work. 2. Connectivity Check that you have fast‐enough Internet access at home or at the remote site to connect to your organization and/or web‐based (SaaS) applications. Test out the normal functions you perform during a typical week. Make sure you have the VPN software and user login info to reach the resources you need back at the office. Again, practice doing your normal daily activities to discover if you have everything you need to perform a normal day's work.

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