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OnBoardĀ® Workplace Management System OnBoard Free Address OnBoard Datasheet 01 What is Free Address? With AgilQuest's OnBoard Free Address solu on, the benefits of open office environments with unassigned sea ng are easily to achieve while maintaining key u liza on data that companies need to make space alloca on decisions that directly affect the bo om line. Companies need to know what desks and resources are used, what isn't, what people like and need more of, and what resources are going unused. AgilQuest's OnBoard Free Address answers those u liza on ques ons with measured Free Address. How Does Free Address Change Our Work Environment? With Free Address, checking in to a work space is quick and convenient, and the organiza on is provided with a more accurate view of how their employees work and how resources are used. With free address technology on all desks, workers can come into the office and quickly find an available seat. For a workforce that isn't in the office at all hours of the work week, Free Address is effortless for the employee and a giant leap forward for the collec ng u liza on data. To learn more about OnBoard Free Address and AgilQuest, or to schedule a demo, contact, or call 877 740-3981. AgilQuest, OnBoard, Commander, AgilWork and the AgilQuest ball logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of AgilQuest Corporation in the United States and may be registered in other countries. All other trademarks used above are the trademarks of others. How Does Free Address Work? With AgilQuest's OnBoard Free Address, workers check in to a work space or home office on Apple iPod Touch devices at each available space. Compared to proprietary devices and VoIP phones for check-in, iPod Touch technology is far more affordable, durable, and dependable with Apple's acclaimed support. Because the device communicates with OnBoard, organiza ons with Kiosk or other interfaces that display a floor- plan, your people may also have other check-in op ons as they enter the office. Organiza ons can even set pre-determined reserva on mes allowing for space management in small quan es of me to increase u liza- on and simplify resource management.

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