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OnBoard® Workplace Management System Choice for your people OnBoard Datasheet 01 The OnBoard workplace management system, AgilQuest's core technology, delivers people-focused technology solu ons to workplace resource scheduling. Mee ng and conference room management, permanent seat management, flexible workplace programs are all achievable in a scalable so ware solu on to drive your organiza on to realizing its actual u liza on. • Mix hoteling, permanent desks, reservable conference rooms, and reserva on-less free address • Improve employee engagement, produc vity and talent reten on • Reliably and confidently reach 2:1, 4:1 and even 6:1 worker-to-workspace ra os • Reduce real estate costs and energy consump on by 50% • Delivers more-accurate occupancy and u liza on data and answers OnBoard is designed around the way people work Giving your people choice contributes to higher engagement and produc vity. With the OnBoard Workplace Management System, providing the right work environment that fuels innova on is a ainable for an enterprise-level por olio or a lean organiza on with a few mee ng rooms. OnBoard is adaptable and customizable to allow your people to make secure workspace reserva ons, collaborate, and order equipment and catering needs while preven ng double-bookings and unfulfilled resource requests. The so ware integrates seamlessly with a myriad of signage pla orms, badging systems and even intelligent building systems, elimina ng the need for expensive, proprietary hardware. Advanced workplace and por olio strategies can then be supported by passing the OnBoard trans- ac on data to Commander™ BI, our workplace analy cs pla orm, to answer big picture ques- ons about the u liza on of the en re por olio, one par cular building, or even just one mee ng room or desk.

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