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OnBoard Interfaces Freedom and Flexibility for the Workforce, Profitability and Sustainability for the Workplace OnBoard ® IPPI ® for Cisco VoIP Patented technology to turn Cisco phones into reservation kiosks on every single desk Put a full‐featured reservation interface on every desk and in every meeting room Users can check in as they arrive and choose an available desk What is OnBoard IPPI OnBoard IPPI is a new set of screens for Cisco VoIP phones that add reservation capabilities to the phone. These capabilities deliver the most‐used Kiosk functions to every desk where you have a Cisco phone installed. It is like deploying thousands of miniature kiosks and putting them exactly where they are most‐needed: on the desk or in the meeting room to be reserved. How IPPI helps Users want the process of finding a desk and checking into a desk or meeting room to be as easy as possible. IPPI is a great way to deliver a quick‐and‐easy interface to users for just this purpose. Every desk and conference room use is measured over time using your existing phone system instead of intrusive desk or seat monitors, sensors or expensive people‐counting cameras. Now management can act confidently to divest of unused real estate and save many tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. Every desk and room with a Cisco VoIP phone can now be a kiosk Runs on the phones you already have Users have a fast and easy way to reserve and check‐in Takes less time to check‐in Easy to locate unreserved desks Measured free addressing is easy and accurate with IPPI Unused space can be released (after grace period) for use by others How IPPI works IPPI interface on a Cisco VoIP phone uses the same pin/password combination normally used to activate the phone and catalogs this action to measure actual use. In a hoteling or free address scenario, IPPI interface displays workspace availability and allows a person to simply activate their phone as the way of indicating their choice of place to work. In conference rooms, it allows people to walk up, book the space or check‐in to a previous booking.

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