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Tango Reserve by AQ Overview Datasheet

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Tango Reserve by AgilQuest 1 of 2 Tango Reserve by AgilQuest Workplace Management Workplace Resource Scheduling That Supports Work From Anywhere Tango Reserve by AgilQuest's cloud-based SaaS workplace and occupancy management platform, supports Work from Anywhere to help people find, share, and manage assets like workspaces, meeting rooms, third-party and coworking spaces, equipment, services, wellness resources, and more. With easy-to-use web-based interface, mobile apps, digital signs, and a RESTful API, Tango Reserve by AgilQuest merges with your workplace to create a seamless experience for your employees. Plus, its integrated analytics engine provides real-time utilization data about how assets are being used and to help organizations make informed decisions about their workplace. For Organizations & Government • Find and reserve workspace and meeting rooms across all locations • Connect people to where they do their best work, whether inside or outside the office • Enhanced community functionality by creating "My Team" for easier collaboration • Supports mobility and a touchless workplace with access from any device,including desktop, mobile phones and digital displays • Provides real-time utilization, occupancy and presence data, including contact-tracing For Landlords & Building Managers • Optimize space by sharing across tenants and all locations • Long-term and short-term utilization reporting for making informed decisions • Provides easy access to special amenities, including those with additional fees for use • API for developing integrations that connect to the tools and building systems used every day • Tenants can manage internal space and access Landlord space all on one platform Return to the Workplace COVID Compliance Telework & Mobility Cross-Agency Sharing Inside/Outside Hybrid Smart Buildings Integration API Meeting Room, Desk, Equipment, Services, Parking, & Transportation Scheduling Workplace Analytics & Optimization Utilization & Presence Studies Seat Management Assigned & Flexible Hoteling & Desk Sharing Free Address 2 M 6 FT

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