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7 Using infrastructure systems to measure actual use

 How do you measure Actual Use of Space? Measuring actual use means recording and analyzing "presence events" as they occur. A presence event is an action that indicates a person has physically used their workspace. No system is 100% accurate, but close approximations can be deduced from existing data records. Data can be gathered from a number of workplace infrastructure systems (security systems, telephone systems, motion detectors, RFID, and other presence sensors) and compiled in such a way as to create an insightful composite picture of the actual use of space. As noted before, the integration of this data with a workspace inventory system, or CAFM system, provides the mechanisms necessary to continually monitor the actual use of space in a transparent and ubiquitous manner. 

 Measuring the Actual Use of Space is a necessity for organizations to optimize their workspace. Organizations usually find that they can take advantage of their mobile work force by consolidating underutilized work spaces into a pool of workspaces that can be shared by the mobile workers. By doing so, the organization can either shed excess real estate and reap the associated cost savings that can be measured in the tens of millions of dollars, or add hundreds of new employees without expanding their facilities. The key to Measuring Actual Use of space is to gather use data in a transparent and ubiquitous manner that insures accuracy and is sustainable. Systems integrated into the infrastructure of the organization (e.g. security or telephone systems) provide the data gathering, analysis, and report presentation needed by executives to make informed decisions that lead to maximizing the potential and use of corporate real estate. Learn more at

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