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Workplace Smart Occupancy: Balancing Flexibility with Measurement

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Smart Occpancy 02 Workplace Strategist Within the workplace program, how well is one strategy doing versus another and how do the current space and choices appeal to the employees, or clients, prospects and other outside people reserving your space: What is my worker-to-workspace ratio? What is our current space per person? What would be our optimal space per person? What spaces do people like to use most? How many more people can I house in this space? Who are my new candidates for mobility based on actual use? How much of my space should be hoteling/shared space? Financial Management For the CFO and their staff, AgilQuest analytics tools can be used with blended data from lease and costing systems to provide accurate cost-by-utilization and future- utilization-needs perspectives: How can I forecast my real estate budget based on actual demand? What will be the impact of space consolidations on my P&L/balance sheet/cash flow? As we grow or reorganize, what is the range of space we'll need for each level of change? What is the financial impact of monetization of excess capacity? Space Planner / Corporate Real Estate For the departments and staff responsible for acquiring and allocating space to various departments, divisions or operating units, you will need answers to questions like these with summarized data on actual use of space: What is the average, minimum, and peak actual use of space? What buildings can I dispose of/ consolidate? Which leases should be renewed? How much space will we need? What is the actual utilization of my space by geolocation: portfolio, region, facility, floor, location on floor? What is the utilization of space by owner organization, level, job class, space type? What is the utilization of space by year, quarter, month, week, and day of week? Can I monetize any excess capacity by publishing it to partners, customers, or the public?

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