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Permanent Seat Management

Maintaining seat assignments without the tools to link actual utilization to those seats will result in inaccurate data over time.  The data does not represent what is actually being used and if the right person is in the right seat.  This makes it difficult to feel confident that the growth the business units are forecasting can be supported, or that you know where to actually find your employees. You also can’t know the available capacity of your buildings if the seat assignment and utilization data is wrong. This often leads to unnecessary spending on “just in case” space.

With AgilQuest’s Permanent Seat Management

  • KNOW the Actual Utilization of your space
  • SUPPORT Visitor Management systematically and automatically
  • AUTOMATICALLY transfer phone extensions, even from different buildings
  • EASILY locate where colleagues are seated and if they are in the office today.
  • UNDERSTAND utilization and use the data to prepare your office for a hoteling program
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Questions Answered - Workplace Utilization Data

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