Case Study: Booz Allen Hamilton - The Innovative Workplace [Video]

Integrating People, Space, and Technology: How Booz Allen Hamilton Created the Conditions for Innovation to Happen at Work

Booz Allen Hamilton has succeeded in increasing innovation, engaging its employees, connecting with customers, and reducing real estate costs. 

In this quick 4-minute video, learn about the overview and firsthand stories of Booz Allen Hamilton's Innovation Center and Hoteling Programs:

  • Improved work-life balance and increased "personal ROI" for employees
  • Attracted and retained talent
  • Reinvested savings created by a smaller real estate footprint in a more efficient "network of space"
  • Increased productivity by giving employees more choice in where, how, and when they work

This eye-opening case study shows what the Booz Allen space looks like and captures the feel of the resulting work environment straight from interviews with the employees and leaders. 

A complete case study on the flexible work and hoteling program of Booz Allen Hamilton's Innovation Center can be found in the full Case Study PDF.

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