Case Study: The Workplace Transformation - GSA [Video]

GSA transformed the workplace at its historic headquarters and consolidated multiple Washington D.C. leases into just one. This helped them save over $24 million per year and drive higher employee engagement and productivity. Work Design Magazine carefully studied the success GSA achieved, interviewed many key players, and produced the stunning video below and the detailed case study.

AgilQuest is proud that our flagship technologies, OnBoard and Commander BI, and our Smart Occupancy and Smart Buildings are core components of this overwhelming success at GSA.

There were many positive results from the 1800 F Street Workplace Transformation project, many of which were unexpected or stronger than anticipated. Overall, this GSA project delivered numerous benefits to the agency, its staff, their mission, and to the citizens of the United States including:

  • Results for GSA's People such as providing the right mix of space and best choices for where to work and meet
  • Results from Smart Occupancy such as consolidating 6 Washington D.C. area leases into 1 for millions of dollars in savings
  • Results from Smart Buildings such as achieving savings in annual operating costs, carbon footprint, and energy consumption
  • Disclaimer: GSA’s participation in the development of this video and case study does not constitute an endorsement of Work Design Magazine, AgilQuest, Gensler, or The Building People, or the products and services they offer.
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Case Study: RSM Streamlines Workplace Experience [PDF]

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Case Study: How GSA Saved $24 Million through Workplace Transformation [PDF]
Case Study: How GSA Saved $24 Million through Workplace Transformation [PDF]