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4 Office hoteling is a flexible workplace practice that allows employees to use a reservation sys- tem to find and claim a workspace or resources, on-demand and for a specified period of time, to fit their working needs. In a dynamic workplace, it is often used alongside, or as an alterna- tive to traditional permanent seating. Hoteling allows employees to choose where they work best, depending on their needs for the day. It also gives them the opportunity to work in collaborative areas or near their teammates, making it easy to be productive and engaged. Businesses that implement an agile office hoteling program can see benefits for both them- selves and their employees. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? For Employees • Supports flexibility and mobility with the confidence employees can find the space they need when they need it • Choice to work where and when they work best • Easily collaborate with teammates, find spaces to work together • Increase in productivity and engagement • Provides a "home base" for consultants and contractors For the Company • Productive, engaged employees • Higher attraction and retention rates • Lower real estate costs and environmental footprint by reducing the worker to work- space ratio and downsizing space • Optimizes use of space to make room for growth without adding more square feet • Space utilization analytics to help make short- and long-term strategic decisions What is Hoteling?

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