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Verdantix - Acquisition Of AgilQuest Propels Tango Into The Top Tier Of Workplace Solution Providers

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A C Q U I S I T I O N O F A G I L Q U E S T P R O P E L S T A N G O I N T O T H E T O P T I E R O F W O R K P L A C E S O L U T I O N P R O V I D E R S C O P Y R I G H T © V E R D A N T I X L T D 2 0 0 7 - 2 0 2 2 . L I C E N S E D C O N T E N T , R E P R O D U C T I O N P R O H I B I T E D 4 Tango's Growth From Specialist Store Lifecycle Management Solution To IWMS Platform And On To CPIP Solution Source: Verdantix analysis F I G U R E 1 • Is well positioned for the evolution into the connected portfolio intelligence platform category. In May 2022 Verdantix established CPIPs as the next era of IWMS systems, delivering enhanced customer value through insights derived from the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics (see Verdantix Market Insight: The Transformation of IWMS To Connected Portfolio Intelligence Platforms (CPIP)). CPIP solutions are cloud-connected platforms that offer a suite of modules and intelligently combine data from multiple sources with advanced analytics. Tango is well placed to make the jump to CPIP due to its cloud- based platform architecture, which is embedded with AI and ML models from day one. Tango's acquisition of AgilQuest will further help it drive employee engagement and workflow optimization across the hybrid workplace, which is a core value proposition of CPIP offerings. Tango Reserve Bolsters The Administrative Backbone Of Workplace Managers And Boosts Staff Access To Office Resources Since its launch in 2008, Tango has rapidly expanded its platform's capabilities, growing into a market-leading CPIP solution. In January 2022 Tango acquired AgilQuest and launched Tango Reserve by AgilQuest to offer firms advanced hybrid workplace management tools and workflows. The combined solution: • Provides advanced space policies and a flexible rules engine. Tango Reserve by AgilQuest offers a broad range of pre-configured policies and workflows for space booking, such as minimum and maximum reservation durations. Managers can implement set-up and breakdown times for conference rooms to ensure that spaces are ready before meetings start, such as allowing time to set up IT systems. Firms can customize the services and equipment available based on the type of room. Take Ferguson, a distributor of plumbing and building supplies, selecting AgilQuest and 2008-2014 Specialist Focused on store lifecycle management functionality, targeting retailers and restaurants Focus: retail, restaurants 2015-2016 Multi-Point Specialist Increased space management, facilities management and asset management functionality, started targeting corporate real estate (CRE) industry Focus: retail, restaurants, CRE 2017-2021 IWMS Platform End-to-end functionality across all core areas of IWMS solutions Grew to service 70% non- retail customer base Private equity investment from Berkshire Partners Focus: retail, restaurants, CRE 2022+ CPIP Solution Acquired AgilQuest to add and enrich functionality for shifting real estate strategies: • Employee engagement & productivity • New era of hybrid workplace strategies Focus: retail, restaurants, CRE, government, public sector

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