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Verdantix - Acquisition Of AgilQuest Propels Tango Into The Top Tier Of Workplace Solution Providers

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A C Q U I S I T I O N O F A G I L Q U E S T P R O P E L S T A N G O I N T O T H E T O P T I E R O F W O R K P L A C E S O L U T I O N P R O V I D E R S C O P Y R I G H T © V E R D A N T I X L T D 2 0 0 7 - 2 0 2 2 . L I C E N S E D C O N T E N T , R E P R O D U C T I O N P R O H I B I T E D 7 F I G U R E 2 Source: Verdantix analysis • Enable an advanced hybrid work environment strategy. As an increasing number of firms switch to hybrid working strategies and software providers invest in improving functionality, users are expecting more advanced tools to manage workplaces. In the 2021 Verdantix corporate survey, 58% of respondents ranked increasing the amount of agile working as a high priority and 44% reported planning to invest in space chargeback solutions. Tango Reserve by AgilQuest provides managers with a rich toolset to build custom space policies, such as department seating zones and meeting rooms, and rules, such as check-in grace periods and the required lead time for reserving a space. Furthermore, the platform provides custom space chargeback policies, enabling managers to build granular chargeback policies based on department, room type and length of reservation. Mapping Tango Reserve By AgilQuest Capabilities To Operational Outcomes Outcomes Tango Reserve By AgilQuest Capabilities Improve employee experience in the workplace • Can book rooms via desktop app, mobile app or kiosks in-office • Check-in to spaces via badging into building via access control system, in-app or QR-codes on desk • Make reservations for desks, meeting rooms, equipment, parking spaces and services • Employees can create their own teams and view the status of team members, such as in-office days, existing reservations and location • When booking meeting rooms, team members are automatically added to meeting invite • Employees can view a dashboard with metrics about personal space utilization • Integrations with Cisco phone systems enable individual phone profiles to be automatically moved to phones in reserved spaces when employees check-in • Integrations with access control, HVAC and lighting systems to enable automation workflows based on employees badging in Enhance hybrid workplace strategies • Advanced space policies and a flexible rules engine enable managers to define how a space or asset can be used and quickly adapt policies based on regulations or utilization trends • Customize the list of services and equipment available depending on space type • Tools to quickly identify individuals' asset use and presence in the office • Geo-fenced sites to enable checking-in rules, only allowing employees to check-in when on site • Occupancy data can be tracked via access control systems, Wi-Fi networks and occupancy sensors, reducing the need for firms to invest in sensors to gain an understanding of space usage • Sharable, customizable dashboards that can be used to compare various sites using the same metrics

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