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Getting Buy In for Workplace Change

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Overcoming Fears with Gains Matrix Executives Fears Overcoming Fears Gain Business Personal New Workplace distracts workforce from corporate objectives Continuous Measurements Case studies (industry) Handhold Personal metrics Maintains or increases productivity Achieves objectives faster How will we really know if this will work here (this time)? Align w/ business Manage change Peer references Consequences of no action Tour others Standard ways to measure success Unassailable results Exceed goals The savings don't justify the revenue risk. Build the business case Cash, ROA, etc. Pilot to prove Craft the story to the analysts Personal metric impact Enhanced external perception Attract / Retain top talent Drives increased revenue Our culture will be negatively impacted (hire, loss risk). HR culture & values gap Measure workforce interest Personally validate w/youth How do you work? Better alignment for future (culture/values) Gain value from what is occurring already

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