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Making Meetings and Conference Rooms Work: Tips and Best Practices

Part 1 of 2

Helping your employees and fellow workers get the most from their meetings is just as important as setting up the conference rooms right. When you get the environment right for collaboration and establish the best practices and policies for conducting meetings, you can make a real difference in how effective meetings are and how much your organization gets out of the conference rooms you already have. Beyond that, training your staff how to get the most from meetings and how to reserve and share collaboration spaces can save money, time and help avoid the need for even more meeting rooms.

In this first webinar in the series, we will focus on setting up the meeting rooms and establishing the best collaboration policies and training so your workplace environment provides the best support for meeting and collaborating while your people know how to efficiently and effective use the rooms and spaces you have set up.

  • Meeting Policies and Guidelines
  • Best Practices for Meeting Rooms and Conference Room Management
  • Practical Rules and Enforcing Them
  • Amenities, Services, Equipment and Checklists
  • In-house resources versus external space
  • What NOT To Do and Common Meeting Room Pitfalls
  • Options for Online and Manual Meeting Room Reservations

During the second webinar the focus shifts to how to best operate a meeting room program to handle the daily tasks, deal with the issues that commonly arise, and how to dig into and quickly resolve the most-common complaints such as “I can’t find a place to meet; all the conference rooms are already booked!”

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Making Meetings and Conference Rooms Work: Daily Operation Tips and Techniques
Making Meetings and Conference Rooms Work: Daily Operation Tips and Techniques

Best use practices of meeting and conference room management.