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Workplace Experience: Modern Examples Of Designing A Better Workplace

Today’s workplace is undergoing changes in how it is used, its impact on culture, and in what it delivers for the organization. Employees need more choices of where and how to work, technology is both forcing and facilitating change in where work can be performed, the organization is counting on the physical place to do more than just store files and provide desks and chairs for doing work.

All these changes are being actively pursued by some of the leading firms and government agencies as they eagerly race to keep up. Get an insider’s peek at what these nine very different organizations sought to achieve, what they changed about their physical space and the culture it fosters and hear directly from the designers as they share 9 stories of needs to plans to build outs to results.

You will hear examples from:

  • Large print business in the midst of DC evolving and changing the way they use and need space as they move to online
  • Large professional services firm moving from 80% private offices to 80% open yet keeping employees and team connected and collaborating
  • Multi-location financial services firm rolling out dramatic changes to all sites after learning lessons from refreshing just one location
  • Healthcare firm boldly moving forward with a brand new workplace yet reusing an existing steam plant and green park to preserve and foster community and ser4ve more than just their shareholders
  • Startup company with explosive growth moving from small to large workplace which needs to help attract employee recruits as well as bring customers “into their culture”
  • European firm using workplace change to make operations more efficient but also showcase corporate brand and turn the workplace into a multi-purpose facility
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Workplace Experience: Designing A Better Business
Workplace Experience: Designing A Better Business

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Workplace Experience: Is Your Workplace Ready For The Next Generation?