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Why Bother With Buildings Anyway

Dave Lathrop of Steelcase's Workspace Futures research group shares a new perspective on the value of the physical buildings in today's workplace. He takes us through the history of buildings, layouts and organizational structures to help us understand what today's workers still still need for collaboration and productivity.

In this webinar hear a refreshing new perspective and a few truly provocative ideas from Dave. Understand what we still need form buildings and which elements are critical to maintaining a collaborative, productive workforce in the face of this global change phenomenon.

This webinar will cover the far end of the spectrum to explain what workers still need from buildings and workplace communities.

Some key takeaways:

  • Space and culture are deeply and dynamically connected
  • The changes to how companies are successful now (high performance teams and distributed knowledge) is changing the physical office and building needs.
  • Physical and virtual braiding together is making distributed work a fully global, if not always fully comfortable, phenomenon.
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