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20 Factors that Make a Difference in the Workplace

Less than half of today’s workers work in a place where they feel proud, purposeful and engaged. Only one in four are in an optimal workplace environment. These end users know what makes a great workplace, yet their pleas for what will best work for them too often fall on deaf ears. We are responsible for designing space for happy and productive people, but the stats show there is a big gap to be addressed between today’s workplaces and workers’ needs. The big questions for us in workplace strategy and design is “What can be done?” and “what should be done?”

Two of the leading experts in the field, Dean Strombom and Sven Govaars from Gensler, take up the challenge of these two questions and share their perspective and experience on how the best workplaces are meeting these needs. In this hour long webinar, they explore the quality of work and life per square foot, and the responsibility we have to pursue and defend user centered design.

  • What has led to this tipping point in significant changes in the workplace
  • How to humanize the cost of real estate
  • 10 design factors that make a difference
  • 10 experience factors that make a difference
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