Workplace Utilization: Designing Workplace Changes

Today's workplace has changed drastically to help attract and retain new talent. Providing the choices to make employees happy and productive is more than just new furniture and a nice view.  

The best workplace consultants and designers use data to create a look and shape the experience  that sets the stage for collaboration and innovation. This data comes from multiple resources, that's carefully analyzed and interpreted, which helps transform the workplace into something that engages workers. 

Join the discussion with top workplace consultant Janet Pogue and analytics architect Jeremy Deyo as they answer questions about how these data are combined to solve specific problems and promote the desired culture and outcomes.

They'll be sharing examples of how data makes a difference in transforming traditional office environments and how the feedback is used to tweak and course-correct renovations and implementations. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Types of data: anecdotal, digital, interactive, observational, and passive
  • Examples of use within workplace design and transformation
  • Combining multiple data and forecasts
  • Taking action based on pre- and post-change data and observations
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