Workplace Utilization: Measuring The Workplace Productivity

Everyone associated with workplace-making – from workplace strategists, planners/ designers, real estate professionals and facilities managers to the organization for whom the workplace is developed – has been seeking the Holy Grail: a universal, broadly applicable metric for measuring knowledge worker productivity.

If only we had it, we could prove that our choices - lower panels, white noise, blue walls, more natural light, etc. - have a positive effect on productivity (or not). We'd be able to prove causation, and have clearer answers about what-to-do and what-not-to-do to contribute to worker performance. We’d have proven data instead of subjective opinions, and we’d have ways to truly add value.

In this webinar, Eric Johnson, Sr. Workplace Advisor at Allsteel, shares findings in the search for evidence that such indisputable metrics exist. The research was conducted to identify any and all cause-and-effect relationships between some aspect of the physical or virtual work environment and the measurable performance of the knowledge worker occupant.

In this webinar, you'll hear:

  • Is there actually a metric or metrics for measuring worker productivity
  • 6 factors scientifically proven to correlate to knowledge worker performance
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