How to build the business case for Telework and Hoteling

November 5, 2014

You’ve experimented with shared desks or run a pilot telework program, so you know the immediate benefits for workers and the office. Now it’s time to make the case to the C-suite or agency director. To do that, you’ll want to put in their terms and be able to show the bottom line potential.

  • What specific data and concrete numbers will help your company recognize the benefits?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How do you quantify them?
  • Who benefits?
  • What’s the bottom line impact on productivity, profitability, and sustainability?

Telework authority Kate Lister and real estate advisor Curtis Knapp joined forces to deliver the one-two punch you need to make a clear case for your telecommuting, hoteling, or workplace flexibility program.

Kate and Curtis have offered their presentation as a resource for you to download and send to your agency head or c-suite.  The data and resources included in this presentation should put you in the position to speak with knowledge and confidence for why Telework and Hoteling will benefit your organization.

Have the tools you need to build the business case at your organization.

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