Telework Compliance and the Evolving Government Workplace

March 9, 2015

Every federal government agency is expected to report on their progress towards Telework enhancement, but the policies, tools and cultural changes necessary take time and money. At the same time you have to meet the COOP, flexible workplace and real estate reduction mandates.

In this panel discussion, learn how GSA is blending technology, smart buildings, and careful planning to rapidly evolve their workplace, meet these mandates, and uncover ways to reduce costs and fund these critical changes. You'll discover capabilities and options you can apply immediately and accelerate your own Telework program and be ready for the reporting deadlines. The panel also shares their vision of the government workplace and how it is evolving into a more attractive place to work and better fit into today's budgets.

The panel includes:

  • Larry Melton, Assistant Commissioner of Facilities Management & Services Programs, GSA
  • Rob Murchison, co-founder, Intelligent Buildings
  • John Vivadelli, CEO, AgilQuest Corporation
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