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Giving People the Right Office and Workplace Choices

There are many different places your employees might be working on any given day, but not all of them are conducive to productivity, collaboration and innovation. Are you offering the rights kinds of space? What do your employees really need? How can you best offer them choices? Manageable choices that still yield results and cost control?

To understand what is available and what is right for each situation, we will survey the available kinds of space, the various strategies for providing access to  [cool-workplace-m] space, and compare how the kinds and methods perform for different audiences and environments.

  • Focus areas, collaboration rooms, and project rooms
  • Break rooms, nap rooms, touchdown space and wellness options
  • Video conference rooms and telepresence
  • Permanently-assigned, hoteling, desk sharing, reverse hoteling and free address
  • Telework, co-working, pro-working and business suites
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