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How do Leaders Prepare Themselves for a Workplace Crisis

October 30, 2013

Leaders face numerous risks, unexpected disasters and stressful situations and the same old rules don't always apply in the new workplace. Organizations are busy with contingency plans, disaster scenarios, and drills, and at the same time a new mobile work culture is being introduced. Leaders are trained in policy, protocols, COOP, emergency communications systems, and more. But, are they ready personally? How will they react in a crisis or disaster? What if their new workplace program hits a wall and falls apart? Will they be as effective as the organization needs them to be?

Martha Johnson, former Administrator of the US GSA and leadership author and speaker, shares strategies for leaders to prepare themselves for risk and crisis. She focuses on leaders as humans, with their own personal needs in a stressful situation alongside the duties of their roles and jobs.

This discussion sets leaders thinking about:

  • How to learn about personal strengths and weaknesses when under pressure
  • How to prepare for risk by comparing personal-life scenarios to potential workplace crises
  • What happens when things fall apart and how leaders can re-surface

*Much of this webinar presentation is taken from sections of Martha Johnson's book, On My Watch: Leadership, Innovation, and Personal Resilience.  

Excerpt from MarthaJohnson.com:

In this thoughtful and personal book, Martha Johnson tells the real story of extraordinary innovation underway at GSA even as her own tenure as Administrator during the Obama Administration was cut short by scandal. On My Watch illuminates her strategies of innovation, interruption, transparency, and design in the face of seemingly intractable problems.  Read her descriptions of inventive techniques such as SLAMs, Pull Metrics, and flexible workplaces that are relevant to leaders in all sectors of society.

Don't miss her stark discussion of the risks leaders face, especially those who change up the game. On My Watch discusses what happens when things fall apart and how leaders can re-surface. This book can help equip them as they step into the fray.

Order Martha Johnson's book here

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