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You Built It, But They Didn't Come

September 5, 2013

Workplace transformation takes strategic shifts in thinking, not just tactical changes in how work gets done. But how transformational are you really being? Are you laying out a buffet of programs, technologies or work spaces, but still feel like there's something missing? Are you getting the utilization you'd hoped for?  Many project leads feel they're doing as much as they can to support their flex, mobility or telework initiative, especially in the context of an overwhelming workload. But if manager support, leadership attitudes, and employee utilization are not falling in line behind your tactical changes, what more can you do?

In this webinar, Kyra Cavanaugh, president of Life Meets Work, takes a deeper look at the role, IT, RE and HR can play in your organization's transformation efforts by:

  • Exploring the challenges behind full integration of IT, RE, HR
  • Sharing strategies for constructing a workplace transformation vision that engages your entire organization
  • Reviewing key components of a fully integrated communication strategy that changes behavior and increases support among leaders, employees and managers.

Hear for yourself how to build a communication plan that leads to a successful program.

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