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Workplace Change Management: The People Centric Approach

In between an organization setting ambitious new goals and those goals becoming reality and new processes being permanently institutionalized lies a long road with many unexpected turns and potential pitfalls. It takes far more than just technology, renovated facilities and rhetoric to transform a culture and an organization.

In this webinar, experts Kyra Cavanaugh from Life Meets Work, and Cheryl Duval from Avance, LLC, shared the answers to:

  • Why invest in change management when you have so much else going on
  • What steps are needed to support a change in behavior
  • How to build an effective and compelling change management communications plan
  • How to gain and maintain stakeholder buy in
  • How to empower people in the change
  • What are the elements of workplace plans which successfully change an organization and its people from current state to desired state

These experts defined what it takes, shared their experiences and client success stories, and provided guidance and tools each of us can use in our own programs.


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