Being a Good Customer of Design

5 questions to make the most of engaging workplace strategy and design services

This webinar will help you plan ahead to get the most from designers and consultants as you ask them to develop and build the changes that will help you reach your workplace goals.

HKS, a renowned leader in workplace design and strategy, explains the process of firms engaging with workplace consultants and shows us how to best prepare for an efficient collaboration and results that match expectations. They share all the things you need to have answers for and all the ideas and goals you must develop before you engage design and strategy resources. Take this advice and these pointers to accelerate your workplace plans and improve performance.

  • Understanding your organization, its needs and direction
  • Defining your organization’s vision and capturing ideas for reaching goals and success
  • Creating the image - What does ‘successful change’ look like to your organization?
  • What to expect from holistic design strategy
  • How to communicate and share your message of change with your company.
  • The value and importance of education, a necessary compliment to design
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